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Obedience Classes are offered many times a year at Lucky Dog by many different instructors. As more dogs are put down a year due to behavior problems than any medical condition; owners and all dogs can benefit from the early prevention of problems with obedience training. Whether your goal is just a dog for your family, yet that your neighbors and community can live with or working towards an obedience title in competition, we hope you will give Lucky Dog’s classes a try!

All dogs attending obedience classes regardless of instructor are required to be current on Rabies, DHLPP, and Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccinations. Verification of these vaccinations beforehand is appreciated. All instructors at any time also have the right to dismiss any dog and or handler for any reason, especially in regards to the safety of the rest of the individuals and/or instructor(s). Refunds will be made on an individual basis in such cases.

We offer Puppy Kindergarden, Beginner Obedience, Advanced Beginner, Novice, Canine Good Citizen and Rally Obedience.

We offer a discount to 4H and adopted pet families, when they sign up for obedience classes.

Please see class descriptions below!

Puppy Kindergarden

All puppies need socialization and obedience, and all owners need to have somewhere to go to learn to deal with this goofy new member of the family! This course is for any puppy from 2- 5 months of age. Skills taught and focused on will be socialization to other dogs in a non stressful environment, heel, sit, and stay. A discussion of correct training equipment, puppy health care, food, house breaking, chewing, and other common problems will be covered throughout the 6 week course. All puppies need to be current on vaccinations.

Beginner Obedience

This course is for any dog just starting their obedience. Dogs from 3 months and older may participate. A 6 ft leather or nylon leash and flat buckle or training collar is requested. Basic obedience concepts will be taught with the emphasis of the course on having a good mannered dog you can live with and enjoy!

Advanced Beginner

This course is for any dog who needs a refresher on their obedience or one that has had a basic obedience class. Dogs should be able to walk on leash (heel), sit, and stay. These concepts will be refined, and dogs will be working on loose leash walking.

Novice Obedience

This course is offered for those who want to take their dog to the next level of obedience. Off leash control of your dog, recalls, mastery of all basic concepts and footwork will be emphasized, as well as a stand for exam, longer stays, and heeling patterns. This is an excellent course for those interested in competitive obedience and off leash control of their pet.

Canine Good Citizen

This course is offered for dogs who have a reasonably solid grasp of basic obedience concepts and want to prepare to test for the canine good citizen test offered through the American Kennel Club. The goal of the test is to certify that the dog is well trained and safe in public (ie; a good citizen) and to promote responsible ownership.

Rally Obedience
Rally is the newest titling sport in the American Kennel Club! Rally is a great way to work on further mastery of obedience concepts, but in a fun way. The course consists of a series of signs that have a different command or requirement at each one that have to be performed, and the whole course is totaled over all for a score.

Lucky Dog does not endorse any one particular trainer or training method. We recommend research and study on your dog’s behavior, temperament, and breed to find the most suitable method of obedience training for you and your dog.

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