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Agility was originally patterned after equestrian jumping events. It has now progressed into a fun sporting event that dogs of all breeds and sizes and their families can enjoy! Agility takes those skills that a dog has already learned in obedience and allows them to be used in a fun, relaxed atmosphere comprised of obstacles on a timed course. Positive training and motivation techniques are required!

We offer classes for beginners to advanced dogs and handlers. Intro classes will cover the obstacles, basic rules and guidelines, and assess your dog’s ability, skill level, and motivation. Open agility classes will begin with a warm up session, and then each participant may work on their skills as they are going through the course. Please check the schedule as there will be open dates occasionally when the agility equipment will be set up and available for “drop in” use. ($5 drop in fee and limited use of instructor! One on one with the instructor is also available.) Dogs must be current on Rabies, DHLPP, and Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccinations to attend classes. Small breed dogs should be over a year old and medium to large breed dogs should be over 18 months to participate. All dogs must be able to be kept under control by their handler on or off leash at all times. Any dog that is aggressive to another dog/handler may be removed from class permanently at the instructor’s discretion.

Lucky Dog does not endorse one particular training method. Please contact us with any concerns. Lucky Dog reserves the right to refuse admission to any class any animal based on temperament, healthy, safety to others, or lack of sufficient obedience skills to participate in agility.

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Cheryl having more fun?
Mary with Hope
Agility at Roosevelt School
Agility at Maplelag
Mary Holsen and Larry (Corgi)
Ona Chock and Caillou


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