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Hunting is a major pastime for many in this area, and having a good dog at your side is just as important as a good gun! At Lucky Dog, we are trying to provide opportunities for training to make your pet the best companion they can be; both in the house and out in the field.
March 2009
Mike Pierce will be joining us again for the 2009 season for gundog training. Mike specializes in training retrievers and spaniels. He will be offering 2 week and 4 week long beginner gundog training packages. Dogs will work on kenneling, come when called, heeling, and receive an introduction to birds, guns, e collars, and water. Specific issues can be discussed and addressed on a case by case basis. Call now to reserve your training spot for this summer.
March 2008
"Lucky Dog is excited to announce the addition of Mike Pierce to our staff for gundog training. Mike comes with 20 years of experience training both upland and retrieving gundogs. We will be offering gundog classes, one on one lessons, and gundog training packages."
Contact us for more information.
Summer of 2007

Lucky Dog has two Gundog Class Instructors - Doug Schoenberg and Mike Pierce. Both have over 40 years combined experience with training gundogs. This class is geared towards puppies up to 7 to 8 months. This class will also focus on teaching each dog individually based on their needs, and owner's requests. Both upland and retrievers are welcome, obedience geared towards hunting will be emphasized, and they will be exposed to birds, bumpers, starter pistol, obedience work, e collar techniques, voice and whistle commands, and much more!

Doug Schoenberg - www.glacialretrievers.com

Fall of 2005
We held our first retriever training classes in the fall (2005) at the Long Lake Park. The course was taught by Pru Konley of the North Dakota Retriever Club, with Henry Van Offelen assisting the first night. We had 8 attendees with several different breeds of dogs including goldens, labs, weimaraners, and even a small munsterlander! This was a beginning course for dogs to work on marked retrieves, basic hand signals, and getting the owners used to working with common problems that arise when just starting the young dogs.

Please check out Pru’s website and feel free to contact her with any questions.www.remi-dog.com She is a very experienced trainer and handler, and we are very lucky to have her! Also, check out the North Dakota Retriever Club.

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"Keith Bergren with his yellow lab Buddy, the pictures are in the order of the retrieve"


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