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From time to time, Lucky Dog may have some dogs available as started dogs. These may be dogs we held back from our breedings or one that we have worked with to turn out as a trained dog.

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What is a Turn Key Dog and where is Lucky Dog?
Just like a brand new house, these dogs come owner friendly, complete with an operator’s manual and warranties. Instead of a key, you will be handed a leash. As for Lucky Dog, we operate a boarding and training kennel located in Detroit Lakes, the heart of lake country in west central Minnesota.

Which quote is yours?
“I want a dog, just like the dog…”

“The kids want a puppy but I don’t have the time to train it.”

“I don’t need to put up with all the chewing, peeing, pooping and jumping.”

They probably all are and here is the solution.
What you need is a Turn Key Dog from Lucky Dog. These are dogs that have been selected for their disposition, health and work ethic; they are trained specifically to be the pet of your family’s dreams. Our business is dogs, this is not a hobby or sideline. The trainers who prepared your pet for you have extensive backgrounds in selecting and breeding dogs for disposition and performance.

My name is Linda Wiedewitsch; together with my business partner Mary Holsen we operate Lucky Dog Boarding and Training Center. Mary’s background is in kennel management, breeding, showing and judging. She also teaches and is an evaluator for Delta Therapy Pets. My background is in obedience and gundog training. I am a puppy raiser for Leader Dogs for the Blind and a field trainer for Can Do Canines (Hearing and Service Dogs of Minnesota).

Whether bred by us or selected for our program, each dog is individually temperament tested and medically screened. The dogs are then raised and trained in our homes, using the same methods and exercises used to prepare therapy and service dogs. While these are not certified service dogs, imagine owning a dog trained to those standards. Imagine owning a dog selected and trained specifically to be part of your family.

Our Guarantee
A Turn Key Dog comes with a written health guarantee specific to that dog. Dogs from our breeding program have OFA certified parents and a more extensive health guarantee. All dogs are tested heartworm and lymes disease negative and are started on Heartguard. Rabies, distemper series and bordetella vaccinations are current, spay or neuter surgery has been done, and a microchip has been inserted. Your dog will have a current health certificate from our vet. Our guarantee requires that you take your new pet to your vet within three days for a health exam.

Your pet has either AKC breed registration papers or an AKC PAL registration number. This allows you and your family to compete with your pet at any AKC sanctioned performance event. Because your pet is already spayed or neutered it is not eligible to compete in breed conformation classes. Turn Key Dogs twelve months of age and older have already received Canine Good Citizen certification. Some, depending on age, may have earned one or more legs (a qualifying score) toward an obedience or other title. Some may have started training toward a therapy certification with Delta Therapy. Some have started gundog training and would love to hunt with you.

Turnkey Dogs are house dogs. They are crate trained and have spent time in outdoor kennels, but they are primarily house dogs. They are seasoned travelers and will ride quietly in your vehicle. If you cannot take your dog on your trip, he has experience at the kennel and will hang out there waiting for your return. Turnkey Dogs are well socialized with other dogs and are daycare and dog park friendly. They have experience with children, cats, and upon request can be exposed to other animals. Your Turnkey Dog has wonderful manners and will be welcomed by your groomer and veterinarian.

This is your opportunity to finally own the pet your kids have dreamed of and begged for, the pet you have pondered, yet felt was too much work. Turnkey Dogs takes the work and worry out of the equation by skillfully preparing your puppy to be the pet your kids will love and your neighbors will envy. You have the option of picking a dog and ordering it trained to suit your family’s needs. Want a dog to play fetch with the kids? Hunt with you? Swim in the pool? Stay out of the pool? We can help you with that. We stand behind our training, offering you hotline support to guide you through transitioning the dog to your home, and a “return for warranty training” policy. This is the dog that will have your neighbors saying “I want a dog just like that!” I know, because I hear that phrase every time I am out with my Leader Dog puppy.    

Turn Key Dog prices start at $1,500 and range upward depending on the amount of training the individual dog has received.

Turn Key Dogs Available

PAD Abrams Tank CGC, RN, JH. AKC registered neutered male yellow Lab, whelped 6/2011. Abe was donated as a puppy by Middlebranch Labs to the Patriot Assistance Dogs program. Abe has reluctantly been career changed as he has never become comfortable working in large venues such as Menards or WalMart. He has excellent house manners and can be left unattended in your home or vehicle without worry. Abe loves to cuddle, to lean against you, to sleep on your feet or the bed next to you! He gets along well with other dogs and cats. Abe is an excellent upland hunter, excelling at pheasants, limited exposure to grouse. He has retrieved early season wood ducks in sloughs and ponds. He has no large water experience. Sale $3,500. ALL FUNDS from Abe’s sale will go back into the Patriot Assistance Dogs program. Application process required.

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