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Charm'n Ada Lou Does Ducks and More

Ada - is the foundation to a very small and select breeding program Archie and I started. We thought long a “Why add to a canine population that does not have adequate care now?”

Hundreds of clients have come through our training classes at Lucky Dog, some with great dogs and others with dogs that really struggle. Clients with a specific purpose in mind for their dog, a goal that may require extensive training will often look for a dog with a known health and aptitude background. Starting with a well bred puppy from documented healthy and proven working dog parents can dramatically increase the odds of success. Service dog organizations have identified the need for a select group of dogs that are bred for specific traits and are raised using highly refined training protocols.

Our goal in breeding is to raise a limited number of Labrador Retrievers that retain the breed standard conformation and look of the Lab, possess the hunt and retrieve skills of the breed, are highly trainable and have the pleasing disposition that make them America’s favorite breed year after year.

Ada came to us from Char and Jerome Moser of Charm Labradors in Iowa. Their program produces conformation champions that also carry performance titles. Over the years, the Mosers have donated approximately 20 puppies and young dogs to service dog programs. Part of Ada’s purchase agreement was that we would continue that tradition of donating puppies to service dog work; a request our family could fully support!

Ada passed OFA hip, elbow and cardiac clearances, CERF eye exams, and her DNA is on file with the AKC. She has earned AKC titles in Canine Good Citizen and Rally Novice Obedience. Ada is working toward AKC titles in Junior Hunter, Rally Advanced Obedience, and Canine Good Citizen’s new Community Dog. She has earned 10 of the 15 points needed for her AKC Conformation Champion title.

Ada was bred to Ole Cottoneyed Joey who has earned AKC titles in Junior Hunter, Senior Hunter, Master Hunter and is a certified Therapy Pet through Delta Pet Partners. Both canines are moderate sized, weighing in the mid sixty pound range. They are house dogs with quiet dispositions. Their array of titles speaks to the trainability of both animals.

This breeding produced ten puppies on June 23, 2013. Eight are in homes that have already established training goals including therapy dog work, obedience titles and hunting skills; one has been donated to the Patriot Assistance Dog program and one was in our started dog program which now has been sold.

If we and the puppy owners are pleased with their dispositions, health, conformation, and trainability, we may repeat this breeding in the future. - Pedigree pg 1 and Pedigree pg 2

Ole Cottoneyed Joey (Sire) - Accompllishments and Pedigree Information

  • Therapy Dog
  • AKC Junior Hunter
  • Senior Hunter title
  • Master Hunter title
  • Pedigree
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