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Lucky Dog Boarding & Training Center, LLC
Puppy Application
In an effort to make sure that we match the right pet with the right new home, please take a few minutes to fill out this adoption application. Please answer all questions truthfully and honestly. Failure to do so will result in being unable to adopt from Lucky Dog.
General Information
* Indicates Required Fields Please Fill out Form
Date of Application:
* Name:
* Phone:
* Address:
PO Box:
* City:
* Zip/Postal Code:
Describe your household (Number and ages of people)
Do you own or rent your house? Yes No - If you rent, do you have the landlord's written permission to have a pet? Yes No - Contact information of Landlord
Are you looking for an indoor/outdoor pet? (Please note LuckyDog does not adopt outdoor animals to be tied in yards)
What purpose are you looking for a pet for?
Do you have a fenced yard? Yes No
If yes, what height and what material?
Please tell us about any pets you currently own:
Dogs: Age(s): Breed:
Cats: Age(s): Breed:
Other Pets: Type: Other:
Your current veterinarian's name, phone number, hospital, and city?
May we contact them? Yes No
Will you provide references of other people who know of your past experience with pets (Name and phone number)?
Does anyone in your home have pet allergies? Yes No
If you do not currently own a dog/cat, please tell us about any of which you were the primary caregiver in the past:
Have you ever surrendered a pet before? Yes No
If yes, for what reasons (or what reasons would cause you to consider surrendering a pet)?
Have you ever been convicted of cruelty to animals, been ticketed for an animal issue, or had an animal removed from you before? Yes No
If yes to any items above for what reasons, please explain:
Are you willing to spay or neuter any pet adopted? Yes No
Are you willing to provide medical care, food and shelter for the life of the pet? Yes No
Are you able to provide adequate exercise, training, and attention so the animal will not become destructive and bored? Yes No
Are you willing to attend training/educational classes with your dog? Yes No
What behaviors are unacceptable to you, and are you willing to work to overcome them?
Please tell us about where your animal will stay while you are away or at night?
How will the animal be confined to your property?
Is there a specific animal you are interested in?

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